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Team building

Looking for a fun and interactive way to do your teambuilding ? Then book our themed room "beauty nature room" which is suitable for team building and make use of our facilities. After that, you can play an escape room , a pop quiz , or even pool tables.

"Beauty nature room" is large and spacious, perfect for team building. You can bring your team here and do the necessary activities and be close to events like escape room, pop quiz and pool tables. Also located in the heart of The Hague, it is perfect for a drink or a bite to eat after your team building.

Beauty nature room

Private meeting room, projector, white board, catering, spacious room.

Escape rooms (optional)

Pop quiz (optional)

Pool tables (optional)


Due to the nature of team building we are unable to give you current prices. Send us an email or give us a call so we can discuss everything you need together. Based on this, we will send you a offer.


Contact us by phone for questions or to make a reservation.

Send us an e-mail

Please contact us via email with any questions or to make a reservation.

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